One question actually for my H1B extension this time our client has stopped signing client letter recently and asking us to submit SOW and MSA. Now I m with this client with same employer from 2018 and had a old signed client letter from same client of Feb 2019. So what I have done is taken one email from my supervisor that my Job Role, Duties, Location everything is same as last time hence I m submitting the old client letter. I m submitting this email to uscis along with the old client letter. Also I am submitting another email from client to uscis which says client has stopped giving client letter and asking vendor to submit SOW recently. This is my 6th year getting ended on July 31st and I am filing extension based on approved I 140. Do u think any issue in this process. At this point it’s the best option I can think of so just want to clarify. Thanks. Our Employer Immigration Team have accepted this process and going ahead with this.