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H1B Visa Status on CEAC is Refused | 221g Administrative Processing | US Consulates |


  • H1B Visa Status on CEAC is Refused | 221g Administrative Processing | US Consulates |

    If your CEAC changed from "Admin Processing" to "Refused", please do not worry and it does not mean that your visa is denied. I am writing this article to clarify the status on CEAC website. Many users are in a state of shock and panicky with such changes on the Status.

    March at Mumbai Consulate. The VO said to me "Congratulations your visa is approved". - H1B Visas, H1B Transfers, Greencards

    The following is the update applicants have been getting on the CEAC website updating from Admin Processing to Refused.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	H1B-Visa-Status-CEAC-Refused-Administrative-Processing-US-Consulates.jpeg Views:	1 Size:	78.0 KB ID:	249

    If you notice the following illustration, it clearly indicates that "Your case was refused while undergoing Administrative Processing and the status will change again
    . In other words, a case is refused to be adjudicated (Approved or Denied) while it is in the Administrative Processing as Consulate is verifying certain information. It may be educational checks, employments check, and several other background check before they can adjudicate the case.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	H1B-Visa-Status-CEAC-Refused-Administrative-Processing-US-Consulates-details.jpeg Views:	1 Size:	130.9 KB ID:	250

    Please also note that few Immigration Attorneys have clarified the updates. Please watch a video below from an Immigration Attorney clarifying this matter. also, it seems that many H1B cases which were pending in form 221g processing for client letter have also been affected. This update is coming from many US Consulates in India and I see many posts on our groups.

    Conclusion: Unless you receive a letter stating that your visa can not be issued, please stay calm, I wish you good luck with your visa application.

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      Law Offices of Joshua L Goldstein clarified this update and the status that CEAC uses is normal.

      Video Credit: Law Offices of Joshua L. Goldstein, P.C. Youtube Channel.

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